Argo's options

Each application requires customization dedicated to provide the best performance and easier installation.

The versatility of products and attention to customer needs, have led us to develop over the years a wide variety of options. Below an extract of the main options.

Contact us to choose the best options for your application.


The detection is very fast, but sometimes it may be disadvantageous,
for example when we have to count irregular object, could be a mistake in counting.

The timer can be regulated for a time higher than the time employed from the piece to go through the sensing field, and so the output will remain always ON.

The timer can be used also to give the right time to the piece to arrive at the correct position for the next operation, i.e. in packaging systems after the detection is necessary to wait that the piece arrive in the correct position before to seal.

x.x indicate the max timer
exemple:  TI 0.5  timer with top on the alluminium with max timer 0,5s

TE x.x - External timer

The external timer can be regulated by a knob placed in the top endcup to regulate the OFF delay from 0 to x.x sec

TF x.x - Fixed timer

Fix Timer of x.x seconds, defined in the order

TI x.x - Internal timer

Ti – The internal timer can be placed on the aluminium

Tia – The timer can be placed in the bottom end cup

TF 0 Fixed timer 0s

The standard OFF delay is 30 ms.

In the case of crossing of objects close together, with this delay could bedetected a single object

With the TF0 option the fix time delay is minimized to 1: 2 ms depending on the barrier type.

This option is useful even in cases of use of the barrier for the measurement of the length of the pieces, based on the travel time.

Sensitivity regulation

It is necessary for detection near to the limit of the resolution or for detection of transparent object.
The regulation can be on front of the emitter endcup SEa or on bottom SEb.


Front sensitivity regulation


Bottom sensitivity regulation

The SEb sensitivity regulator is standard for the series ARGO 01 and ARGO 02, can be modify with SEa


Different connections are available to meet many installation requirements

M12 - male 4 poles connector

M12 male connector, placed on the endcup of emitter and receiver.

This is the standard connection

C - 4 poles male + female DIN43650

C style connector

The male connector is placed on the emitter and receiver endcup.
The female has 4 poles screw connector, can be oriented in the 4 directions.

type c connector

CM12 - Cable with M12 male 4 poles connector

Connection with M12 4 poles male cable placed on the emitter and receiver endcup.
Standard cable length, 300mm.

Ca / Cb - Connection with cable

The connection is a free cable,
The cable entry can be on front Ca x  or on bottom Cb x,

X  indicates the length of cable, standard length is 2 m.

ME xx - Connettore M12 + cavo M12 di collegamento tra RX e TX

The receiver has an M12 connection and is equipped with an M12 cable for feed the transmitter.
Allows only one cable to be used by the customer for connect the TX and RX groups.
The cable length is XX cm.

CE xx - Connection cable between RX and TX

The receiver has a cable to supply the emitter.
The customer need only one cable to connect both.
The receiver connection can be as desired, type C, M12, M8, cable.
The cable length between emitter and receiver is XX cm.


NF - Deactivation of flash protection

The  ARGO barriers have a high immunity to optical noise, as  sunlight and flash. The flash protection allows a considerable reduction of the detection mistakes, and is included as standard.

The deactivation of this protection has the advantage of reducing at 50% the response time reported on the tables.

TR - Enhanced optics

It is necessary when the object dimensions are near to detection limits, and also for detection of transparent object.
is supplied as standard for ARGO 01 and ARGO 02

Lx - Long range

Extra range of maximum x meters

Additional protection

The protections are necessary in heavy applications.
The external protection in polycarbonate is suggest for occasional strong impact.
The glass external protection is suggested for frequently low impact, or for frequent cleaning of the barrier with abrasive cloth or solvent.

PE - External polycarbonate protection

Couple of external protection in polycarbonate, suggested for occasional strong impact

VE - External glass protection

Couple of external protection in glass,
is suggested for frequently low impact, or for frequent cleaning of the barrier.

V - Glass window protection

Suitable for frequent cleaning with abrasive methods that will damage the polycarbonate,
or if mounted near to UV lamp, used normally in the painting plant.

Fixing supports

KPL-02 - Kit of 4 supports

For side / rear mounting.
Recommended for barrier height greater than 500mm.