Infrared barriers

Infrared barriers

Optoscan is an Italian company specialized in the design and manufacture of infrared barriers.


Detection of objects up to 1000m/s


Detection of objects starting from 0,9mm


Create a custom barrier

Our products

Detection barrier ON / OFF

The ARGO system consist of an emitter and a reciver in different cases.
It generates a high number of beams, effecting a very detailed scanning in the examined zone.
The interruption of a beam changes the output state.

Measure barriers

The POLARIS system consist of an emitter and a reciver, it generates a paralle grid of beams able to detect the presence of objects,the shape and the position, and communicate them to the control system.


EOS series barriers are specifically designed for installation in vending machines to detect product drop or presence.

Available in standard 140mm size or modular with dimensions from 80 to 880mm.

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